Truck Industry In India


The primary modes for movement of goods in most of the countries (and in India) are Rail and Road. Of late, Movement of goods by roads has gained considerable importance in India. The road transport industry is penetrating into the market through a strategy of services. They provide service form the platform of the consignor to the door of the consignee. Besides, They accept goods in small quantities. Unlike Railways, They have the capacity to penetrate into isolated rural and hilly areas, Where laying a railway becomes expensive. Because of the ease of departure as soon as the vehicle is loaded, And the load itself being significantly less than the unit load in Railways, They have been successful in cornering the market for short haul movements of all types of goods and a significant share of the long haul movements which need rapid transaction.

The reason behind the success of India truck industry is the added advantages of road transport over the railways. Trucks can accept goods in small quantities, can reach rural and hill areas, and also require less time than the rail for loading and unloading of goods. As a result, India truck industry cemented its place in goods transportation. With passage of time, truck industry in India has involved a good number of Indian automobile giants including Tata Motors, Hindustan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Mahindra, Force Motors, Swaraj Maza, Eicher etc.

If we see the sector five years down the line, There is a huge growth potential because of various factors as mentioned below:

Improved Road Infrastructure

Improvement in Quality of Vehicles Manufactured

Increase in Earning Opportunity for drivers

Next Generation of Drivers

Implementation of Goods & Service Tax (GST)

Focus of new companies in this sector