e-Logistics Matters in Agri-biz

In agriculture, logistics plays central role in profitability of a company as procurement has to be done from several small pockets and again final distribution goes to households spread over a vast geographical area.

Increasing Profits in Agri-biz

It is imperative to make best possible use of elogistics not only to procure the most suitable produce in a cost effective way but also to operate at with possible inventory without fearing loss of business.

Logistics in Grain Supply Chain

Grain transport is the main component in agricultural transport in general and it includes grain transports from farm to depot/terminals, between farms, between terminals, from farms and terminals to fodder industries/mills and from terminals to ports.

Key Stake Holders

Fleet owner/Transporter
Mandi dealer

Demand For Locally Grown Food is Bringing Supply Chain Sourcing Back to its Roots

Recent agricultural awakening is changing the way many food companies source products. Apart from marketing appeal, food quality and safety concerns, transportation costs, and local economic development efforts are compelling restaurants, groceries, and wholesalers to engage smaller producers and localize their supply chains. In turn, they are nurturing a “fresh food fast” procurement model that is growing from the ground up.


Farmer/mandi dealer can register themselves on TruckSuvidha and book truck through us.

Submit Details

Once registration is done. Every stake holder can easily fill details for required truck and find it online.


After submitting details user can directly connect with trucker for price and transit the material.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

After submitting details user can directly connect with trucker for price and transit the material.

Poor Transportation Facilities Cost Farmers Dearly

Since a market is the primary medium for farmers to exchange their produce for money, lack of logistics connectivity to ensure that their harvest reaches markets in time results in lowering of the farmers’ ability to monetise their produce. This becomes even more critical in case of perishable fruits and vegetables.

Warehousing & Storage

Agri-warehousing companies play a big role in bridging the gap in demand and supply of storage facilities.