Moving Solution


TruckSuvidha offers chain of relocation and moving solutions for local market. Solutions are tailored according to the individual requirements of each client, with access to multi-model transport options. Our key success knows the current culture of the market. This advantage guaranties the ease, smoothness and optimum move of our client's stuff. Our registered packers and movers can load your furniture, equipment and packed boxes into their vehicles and safely deliver and unload them in your premises.

Focusing on clients is additionally supported by our competence in new technologies and processes for the logistics services to the retail sector. We can help our customers while they are in the process of moving their home, offices, luggage, antiques etc with wide range of services that can be varied based on the customer requirements. We are proud of our track record and our experience which has been gained over the last 2 years and in dealing with more than 2000 customers in different places in India.

Our focus at Moving service

Cost savings.

Ability to meet commitments, every time with no surprises.

Flexibility and problem-solving capabilities, Ability to adapt quickly, along with finding solutions for any problems that occur.

Comprehensive range of services that covers as many needs as possible.